SOLAR & Privacy

Window tinting, for solar and heat control, privacy or a glass tailor made graphics is an increasingly requested service because it offers a number of technical and aesthetic benefits to yacht owners, crew and guests onboard

Blocking out harmful UV protect until 99%, in other words, you totally protect interior materials from sun damage.
Minimising sun glare for improved visibility of the surroundings Improve visibility from the bridge as well as other areas with a range of clear and colored films to help you see the ever-changing views from your superyacht.
A strong reduction of interior heat: a good options to reduce demand on AC system, improving the efficiency of your yacht and reduce operational costs by cutting down the operational load on the cooling systems on board.

Improving the ‘look’ of a vessel.
There are a lot of colored films (silver effect, bronze effect, steel effect, total extra gloss black effect and more).

Enhancing privacy with a lot of color choices, graphics pattern and tailor made graphics developed by Mimetika designers, including glass transformation from transparent to frosted with one-touch controls.

Today the high quality of the films used by Mimetika Yacht Wrapping are often mistaken for being factory installed tinted glass, making them an ideal solution for even the largest and most prestigious of yachts.

If glass film is not being applied the right way and with the correct choice of film, without due diligence by the skillful hands of a highly glass specialized workforce and with cheap materials (maybe found on the internet), then the risk that the glass crashes is concrete, the film in short time presents surface crack formation and the heat reduction is inexistent.

Before installation Mimetika Yacht Wrapping always makes a total instrumental control of the glasses to ensure the perfect film choice without any crash risks and with perfect final results. We only use the best film on the market such as 3M, Avhil, Avery Dennison and we give you a concrete job warranty.

Not to mention the air infiltrations and imperfections that can be visible if the application is not implemented.