Today it’s possible to make every vessel unique, adding your personality! thanks to special wrapping products you can give new spirit for your interior, a fragment of the cost and we can renew in ONLY 72 HOURS on every object or surface.
You going to be literally shocked by the authenticity of the premium materials.

Our ability to refresh and refurbish yacht interiors is well respected across the marine industry working closely with yacht designers, build & refit managers, interior designers and charter captains.
With none of the conventional mess associated with a traditional refit, vinyl wrapping allows us to achieve outstanding new quality finishes in a short space of time that last whilst ensuring significant cost savings.

After all, the bigger the boat, the more its interiors look like the rooms that surround us daily.
On the other hand, as a living indoor space, there is the risk that it gets easily worn out or that we want to change its style. 

That is why today some companies use this contamination as a strategy, and more and more designers from other industries are involved in the navigation design.
Every year a handful of architects and interior design experts, reunites to enrich a collection with more than 1.000 items, with the most exclusive and trendy designs.
Wood warmth, brushed metals, leather elegance, the geometric fashion of natural stone, and hundreds of other possibilities are available for yacht owners to give a new life to every surface.

The revolutionary technology of ultralight film accurately reproduces various materials to the sight and the touch.
Material wrapping is extremely flexible, specific for the upgrading and restyling of every surface like walls, ceilings, command bridge’s details, furniture, fixtures, wall panels, doors, staircases, overhead panels, showers, elevators, switches & buttons, flat surfaces to impossibly compound surfaces.