Not only a simple wrap but your graphic tailor made work.

But that’s not all. In the last few years, many yacht owners have started to customize their hulls with unique designs, letting their creativity run wild thanks to the magic of wrapping.

Instead of hand-painting and seeing the result only when the job is done, with wrapping you can see the chosen design in advance and edit it until it matches exactly your desires. 

The best news is that you can remove the wrap anytime without a trace so that you can change your hull’s design whenever you want.
And that’s not all, again.
Besides being so high-performance this technology is sensitive to our beloved marine ecosystem.
It does not require chemical products or solvents for its application, making it an eco-friendly choice…
… and free from environmental taxes that are hitting the chemical industry, to which painting belongs!

Whether you wish to add your own personality, brand for promotional purposes or promote a sponsor, there is perhaps no better way to give your yacht or boat a unique personality of its own than by adding a custom graphic wrap.
Mimetika Marine manage this whole process in house, collaborating with some of the best vinyl graphic artists and designers, we taking ideas from their initial concept through to final installation.
We have all the necessary instrument in house: graphics designer and skilled applicators focused on graphics wrap, digital printers, laminators. The entire workflow trough to final installation is developed in house from a Mimetika Marine