Wrapping your yacht’s hull enables you not to wait for weeks to do the maintenance and painting

A breakthrough and technologic “Marine Shield” protects your hull from wear and tear, from atmospheric agents, and especially from the dangerous UV rays that make the paint fade and crack.

For all of us navigation enthusiasts and lovers, the painting and the gelcoat maintenance are a real nightmare.
The average lifespan of a first-class painting is about 4 or 5 years… as long as you do correct and continuous maintenance! 

This lifespan reduces if the vessel is docked without protection.
Gelcoat is not indestructible or everlasting.
The salt and the UV rays are its most hardened enemies and they are the main cause of hull’s matting: every day our docked yacht is exposed to these agents. Their aggression brings every yacht’s owner to an infernal maintenance escalation that looks never ending, and that requires a huge amount of time and money.
In the last years, though, more and more captains, brokers, and “wishful thinker” shipyards have started to suggest wrapping to their clients, to preserve painting and gelcoat.

Wrapping your yacht’s hull enables you not to wait for weeks to do the maintenance and painting.
Because it only takes soapy water to keep the wrap bright and untouched.
 On the other hand, gelcoat needs more maintenance and is more expensive in terms of time and money.

Not to mention a painting from scratch, which can take up to a month on vessels longer than 20 mt… a time in which the owner can not enjoy their yacht! Even when the maintenance takes place during winter, it is a common practice in the shipyards to accept a number of works bigger than their real capacity, not observing the deadlines and delivering the boat when the season has already started.

With wrapping, this danger is prevented because a specialized company can do it in a few days!

When we combine this with our unique ‘in the water’ installation process, the cost can be as low as 1/10th the cost of paint at 50m, and even lower in percentage terms as the yacht size increases, both because we work quickly and efficiently, and also because we completely eliminate the need to slip/drydock.

Furthermore with larger yachts, our service often costs less than polishing, yet polishing degrades the paint whilst wrapping preserves it.

By choosing MIMETIKA YACHT WRAPPING , yacht owners are making a calculated value based decision to protect their paint, which is a capital asset, with their style, which is whatever look is desired that season.

Is wrap maintenance difficult or expensive in terms of time and money?

One of the best aspects of wrapping is its low maintenance in comparison to marine painting. Everything you need is soap, water, and a brush. You don’t need to use abrasives or solvents.